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Global Disability Summit 2022 (GDS22) in the News

Here is the list of GDS22 media coverage.

  • 17 February 2022
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Media pieces with an overarching view: 

  • African Arguments, "People with disabilities have been forgotten. Not any more."
  • All Africa"Africa: People With Disabilities Have Been Forgotten. Not Any More"
  • Bond, "Global Disability Summit 2022: what is it all about?"
  • Newz Hook, "World leaders join together for Global Disability Summit"
  • Disability Insider, "30,000 people sign petition calling for governments to take action at GDS"
  • Relief Web, "Global Protection Cluster commitments and recommendations for humanitarian partners ahead of the Global Disability Summit (GDS), 16-17 February 2022"
  • Dev Policy Blog from Development Policy Centre, "What happened to Australia’s leadership on disability inclusion. A tale of two summits"
  • BBC Focus on Africa, Starting from 13min 43 seconds
  • British Medical Journal, "The upcoming Summit must be a turning point"
  • UN News, "Guterres opens Global Disability Summit with inclusivity call"
  • The New Humanitarian, "Give people with disabilities better protection in conflict and crises"
  • Save the Children, "Save the children commits to ensure children with disabilities get fairer treatment"
  • UNFPA, "We matter, We belong, We decide"
  • Minority Rights Group International, "MRG makes commitments at the 2022 Global Disability Summit to promote underrepresented groups facing intersectional discrimination"
  • UNAIDS, "Towards a life of dignity for people living with disabilities"
  • Europa Press, "Barcelona expone su modelo de accesibilidad e inclusión en la Global Disability Summit"
  • Relief Web, "Towards a life of dignity for people living with disabilities"
  • Chimp Reports, "Journalist Directed on Reporting PWDs Stories Ahead of 2nd Global Disability Summit"
  • UN Sustainable Development Group, "Working towards a more inclusive society: Five stories of how the UN is working with partners to advance disability inclusion"

National media: 

  • KTN News Kenya -TV, "What to expect from the second global disability summit set to be held in Oslo this year"
  • India Education Diary, "UNESCO To Host Side Event On Disability Rights During The 2022 Global Disability Summit"
  • Deccan Herald, India, "Widen social security net for the disabled, demand social workers ahead of a global summit"
  • Mashable, Pakistan, "Ensuring rights of people with disabilities"
  • The Nation, Pakistan, "Global Disability Summit Being Held In Norway In Feb"
  • Ghana Web, "Disability agenda attracts global attention in Ghana"
  • Valtioneuvosto, Sweeden, "Utrikesminister Pekka Haavisto deltar i toppmötet Global Disability Summit"
  • Vart Land, Norway, "Tar Norge medaljer under Global Disability Summit?"
  • Kobinet-nachrichten, Norway, "Global Disability Summit am 16. und 17. Februar"

Media pieces focused on data: