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Interested in Knowing Other Ways to Get Involved in a Global Disability Summit? Keep Reading!

Some information about Regional Satellite Summits, Side Events, and Thematic Workshops!

  • 9 December 2021
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All events organized under the auspices of the Global Disability Summit 2022 (GDS22) will have no financial implications on IDA and the two co-hosting governments of Norway and Ghana; organizations taking leadership of such events will be responsible for financial and logistic support.

Regional Satellite Summits

Regional Satellite Summits will aspire to entrench the GDS mechanism at the regional level, through channels such as the Arab League, the African Union, the European Union, etc. Regional Summits might also aspire to have focused discussions on regional commitments, and to target regional stakeholders for the formulation of such commitments to be presented during the GDS. 

Ideally, all Regional Summits will be organized in the week leading up to the GDS, between February 8 and 18, 2022. Regional Summits will be organized under the auspice and logo of the Global Disability Summit, but will not require governmental involvement, financial or political, from Norway nor Ghana. 

At present, a European Summit has been confirmed for February 8 2022 organized by the European Disability Forum in partnership with multilateral agencies and NGOs active in the EU Region. Regional Summits will also be held for the Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and East Asia. 

Side Events

Side events are an opportunity for interested stakeholders to present their work and/or hold discussions of interest to them. Side events would be organized around the Global Disability Summit. 

Depending on the volume of proposed side events, the GDS Secretariat will select the side events to be organized. The GDS Secretariat will be in charge of ensuring the side events respect the vision, goal, and themes of the GDS itself. 

An application form to submit your interest in hosting a side event will be available next week on our website. 

Thematic Workshops

Thematic workshops will be online events of one to three hours each, and will be organized in the weeks leading up to the GDS. The workshops would have the objective of promoting discussions and commitment mobilization within different themes. 

So far, discussions have been held for workshops on community inclusion, assistive technology, and health. 

The GDS Secretariat will be in charge of managing the process and reporting to the co-hosts.