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Civil Society Engagements

In line with the principle of 'Nothing About Us, Without Us!', the International Disability Alliance (IDA) agreed to co-host the Global Disability Summit to ensure that people with disabilities are central to the planning and delivery of the Summit.

As co-host International Disability Alliance (IDA) has been and will continue to be instrumental in ensuring the design of the programme, the accessibility of the venue, and the diversity of participants is in line with international standards. During Global Disability Summit 2018 (GDS18), IDA coordinated the participation of representatives of Organisations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs) from the Global South.

For GDS18, IDA undertook a very detailed nomination and review process to identify a diverse group of OPD representatives from the Global South at the event. Over 70 OPDs from the Global South, representing a range of disability consistencies, attended the Summit. Representatives from the most marginalised groups also attended the Civil Society Forum - GDS18.

IDA has used its representative role of a global Alliance of Organisations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs) to consult and embed the voice of people with disabilities in the design and delivery of the Summit to ensure it complies with the UN CRPD.

Currently, the GDS Secretariat facilitates a Civil Society Reference Group to the Summit. This group works to ensure the active support and involvement in the Summit by a broad range of civil society organisations and foundations.



National and Regional Consultations

A number of regional and national consultations are taking place to inform the GDS22.

Read more about the consultations.