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Track Progress of Commitments

The Global Disability Summit mechanism invites all stakeholders to make commitments around a number of central themes. But how are stakeholders getting on with commitments they made?

The key objective of the Global Disability Summit was to deliver ambitious new global and national level commitments on disability inclusion. At the Global Disability Summit 2018 in London, 170 sets of commitments were made, around the four central themes of the Summit (ensuring dignity and respect for all, inclusive education, routes to economic empowerment and harnessing technology and innovation), as well as the two cross-cutting themes (women and girls with disabilities and conflict and humanitarian contexts), and data disaggregation.


Over 300 governments and organisations signed the GDS18 Charter for Change, encouraging focused implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

Progress on Commitments

During the +2 year on report, self-report surveys found that 25% of all GDS18 commitments are complete (up from 10% complete in 2019) and the majority (62%) of the remaining GDS18 commitments are still underway; they are reported to remain on-track and are expected to be delivered by the date set. Progress toward achieving the GDS18 commitments is ongoing in each thematic area of focus of the Summit; 40% of the ‘humanitarian’ commitments are complete along with 37% of the ‘Data’ commitments.

Use this portal to browse all the commitments and update yours if necessary.