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Welcome to the Global Disability Summit Website

Join the Global Disability Summit, 2-3 April 2025 in Berlin! Find out more about the GDS on this website.


The Global Disability Summits have four main objectives:

Raise global attention on disability inclusive development and humanitarian action everywhere and for everyone

Build ownership and capacity of OPDs, especially in the Global South countries to enable them to engage in all relevant processes with local governments and other stakeholders, as equal partners

Provide global, regional, and national stakeholders a platform to mobilise innovative, impactful, and far-reaching commitments on disability inclusive development and humanitarian action based on a multi-stakeholder, cross-cutting approach

Showcase good practices and evidence from across the world to inspire change on disability inclusive development and humanitarian action

More about GDS25
Now is the time to get engaged for inclusion worldwide!
There are more than one billion people with disabilities worldwide. Most of them live in developing countries. And for far too long, persons with disabilities have faced barriers to full participation in society – barriers that are not only physical but also relate to attitude, society, and system. 
Let’s all join efforts at GDS25 on 2nd and 3rd April 2025 in Berlin. 
To learn more about GDS25, please click here.

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