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Privacy Policy

A Privacy Policy is a legal document that explains the ways a party gathers, uses, discloses and manages a costumer or client’s data.

This Privacy Policy explains how the GDS Secretariat handles the personal information and data of visitors of the GDS Website.

The GDS Secretariat will handle data collected (email, geographical location of user) according to Swiss Law and the New Federal Act on Data Protection.

  1. We do not collect any personal or sensitive information about Visitors.
  2. We do not use Third Party services to track how Visitors navigate our website.
  3. We do not gather information about how Visitors behave on our website.

By agreeing to our Terms of Use and browsing of our website you indicate your acceptance of this Privacy Policy. You expressly consent to the following:

  1. You accept the collection, use, disclosure and processing of your personal data/information in the way described in this Privacy Policy
  2. You accept that we share your personal data with relevant persons working for service suppliers who aid us to provide our services.
  3. Our Service uses a single Cookie as part of the account authentication process. When you enable cookies on your web browser, you accept our use of Cookies as explained here.